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Increasingly stringent limits based on questionable science. Escalating costs to comply with permits with diminishing environmental returns. Aging and failing systems requiring significant capital investment. Little or no federal and state financial assistance. If these issues concern you, please join the Massachusetts Coalition for Water Resources Stewardship – the voice for municipalities. The Coalition focuses on education, research and advocacy for sound and sensible solutions that protect the environment and public health without bankrupting communities. We monitor and respond to policy and regulatory proposals and actions that affect our members – proposals that always entail an added cost to communities. There must be greater responsibility and accountability from regulatory agencies and other stakeholders.

The Coalition has made great strides in reframing the regulatory environment by ensuring that state and federal elected officials and regulators hear and consider the concerns and interests of communities and local utilities. The Coalition has indeed become the voice for municipalities on water resources issues as communities struggle to balance competing demands for scarce resources. Regulations must be more holistic, practical, and environmentally and fiscally sustainable. With your help, we can accomplish much more.

We continue to identify ways to reduce the burden of water quality permitting on communities while protecting the environment and public health. We recognize that communities are being pressed by regulators to regulate stormwater issues, including those related to private property and nonpoint sources, and that drinking water regulations are also important

to our members. Critical aspects of our efforts will be ensuring that permit limits are based on sound science, that more federal and state funds are available to communities, and that all stakeholders (public and private) within a watershed participate in the solutions.

Membership entitles you to benefits outlined in the membership packet. Perhaps the greatest benefit is adding your community’s voice to a growing number of Coalition members advocating for change. We hope you will join us to improve water resources stewardship and enhance the health of the environment and our communities.

The Coalition has accomplished a great deal, but there is much more to do. With your help, we can create the change that is necessary.



Philip Guerin
President, Massachusetts Coalition for Water Resources Stewardship